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Quest rooms based on your favorite films



KADRooM is not just a network of quest rooms, but also a workshop specializing in their creation. A full range of services for curating and developing quests allows you to choose the best option for your business.

Any questions for cooperation write on our e-mail: sale@kadroom.com.

Franchise of the quests in reality KADRooM

Our franchise is a catalog of necessary resources and knowledge to start a successful business. You get full support at all stages: from the script of the quest till its full implementation. Also, you don’t need advertising costs, you get full marketing support in social networks, search engines and the media.

We are interested in promoting our partners, because your success is our success!

Dzh! Workshop

Thanks to the great experience in the development of quest-room elements, we know how different the actions of players are. Therefore, we create a props from “anti-vandal” materials: metal, fiberglass, wood, etc. We provide a ready solution for your tasks: all the necessary sensors, tags, magnets and other electronics will already be built into the props and ready for use in quests.


We love our work and want to launch as many quality quest rooms as possible. Our team will help to make reality from your fantasies!

Quests in reality (also quests “escape from the room” in 60 minutes, real quests, “live quests” and escape-room) – are entertainment for group of friends. You are locked in a room and your goal is to find the way out of it. But it’s not as easy as it seems: you need to find hints, hidings, decrypt messages, break open safes and solve puzzles.